Saturday, March 25, 2006

Music: MP3 Blogs

  • Buck Owens, RIP. Shell thinks he looked like Jim Varney. I say Mel Brooks. You be the judge. The Driftwood Singers has a Buck song. Yer Blog has two.
  • An Aquarium Drunkard has a track from the new Josh Rouse album. (He also has some acoustic Rouse tracks, but trying to download them seems to crash my computer.)
  • I saw a Claritin-D ad, with my TV on mute. There was a couple talking, intercut with them performing onstage. The guy seemed to be a really bad actor, so I thought they must be a fake band. I un-muted and immediately recognised Kelly Willis' voice. The bad actor is her husband Bruce Robison. She's looking a little matronly these days. She was quite the beauty back in the day. I saw her support the Wagoneers about 1989 with her band, Radio Ranch.
  • My Old Kentucky Blog offers two tracks from Band Of Horses (nice), and a pleasant but unnecessary cover of "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" by the Subways.
  • rbally has a p. but u. cover of "Chelsea Hotel" by Regina Spektor.
  • The Townes Van Zandt bio DVD, "Be Here To Love Me" is worth watching for the jaw-dropping deleted interview segments with Nanci Griffith. She always struck me as a nice lady with an annoying voice. Now I'm not so sure about the first part. In one clip, she tells a story about how she and Townes "accidentally" took some home-made hallucinagens, and then he quietly talked her out of buying too much Coca Cola at a grocery store. Her other story is about Townes setting his toddler's hair on fire - again, an accident. But she laughs (twice!) as she tells the story.

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