Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Combos: Product & Movie Title

Eric suggests some Brand Name/Movie Title combos.

  • Tootsie Roll (invalid - one can't be completely contained within the other)
  • Snow White Castle (okay - but not the Disney version!
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit-o-honey (invalid overlap)
  • Falling Downy (ditto)
  • Peter Pan (complete overlap - rejected)
  • Jurassic Park Ride 'n Fly (could add "Fly Away Home" to make a triple)
  • Fletch-a-sketch (Nope)
  • Minute Maid In Manhattan (prefix with "New York")
  • Neating Raoul (What's that product? Anyway, it ain't legit.)


Shell said...

Mister Mister Salty (preztels)
No More Tears For Fears
Oh Henry Fool
808 State and Main
.38 Special K
Kid Rock 'N Roll High School
La-z-y Boy Meets Girl
Urine Gone In 60 Seconds

Pat said...

Shell, Shell, Shell.

Mister Mister Salty: no movie title!
No More Tears For Fears: ditto!
Oh Henry Fool: Now you're getting it.
808 State and Main: No, that's a band and a movie.
.38 Special K: Nope.
Kid Rock 'N Roll High School: Nope.
La-z-y Boy Meets Girl: You mean "La-z-boy"
Urine Gone In 60 Seconds: By George, he's got it!

Shell said...

Pat, Pat, Pat. I'm obviously (I thought) creating my own game with a round robin of band/movie/product.