Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Advertising: Using Well-Known Songs

Two TV commercials in a row: KFC and Subaru. KFC used "Sweet Home Alabama". Subaru used "Every Day Is A Winding Road". KFC: bad, bad choice. Song appeals to a narrow demographic. Unclear connection to product (Kentucky or Alabama?). Subaru: excellent choice. No one doesn't like Sheryl Crow. Clear connection: All Wheel Drive good for winding roads.

What's the best use of a song in a commercial? Worst?

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Shell said...

"The Pusher" for Pfizer
"Turning Japanese" for AT&T
"Possum Kingdom" for NY City Tourism
"Big Ten Inch Record" for Viagra
"People Who Died" for Parkland Hospital
"Brick" for Planned Parenthood
"Long Train Running" for Miss Deaf Texas pageant