Sunday, May 07, 2006

Music: Grant McLennan, RIP

Shocking news - Grant McLennan of the Go-Betweens has passed away in his sleep. Fans and friends pay tribute on the Go-Betweens message board. If you don't know his music, Stereogum has a couple of Go-Betweens songs he wrote. Domino Rally has three more, including "Cattle And Cane" (the line, "His father's watch, he left it in the showers" always gets to me - knowing that Grant's own father died when he was 4). You can hear "Bachelor Kisses" (with my favourite melody of his) at Something Old, Something New.

(It's a little embarrassing to see some Robert songs posted by bloggers.)

Steve Kilbey from The Church pays tribute. He's right to call the first album they made together as Jack Frost a "masterpiece". (Hear "Thought That I Was Over You" at Sound Of The Suburbs".)

The Sydney Morning Herald has a nice article.

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