Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Music: "99 Luftballons"

Eric suggests translating Nena's "99 Luftballons" (the original German version) to English and back. Well, that doesn't turn out to be very meaningful (even with an extra pass back to English). Instead, here are the English lyrics translated to German and back:
It and I in a small toy business purchase a bag of the balloons with the money, which we have. Adjust it freely at the break of dawn to one after the other one, it been involved. Withdraw at the lower surface, bugs in software somewhat out there lightning the announcement. Swim into the summer sky. 99 red balloons pass.

99 red balloons, which swim into the summer skies panic bells, is it red alarm. It gives somewhat here from somewhere otherwise. The war machine of springs to the life. Open an eager eye. Direct it toward the sky. Where 99 red balloons go past.

99 decision road. Meeting with 99 Ministers. Worry themselves, worry themselves, super hasten. Call the troops out in a haste. This is, which we waited. This is it boy, this is war. The president is on the line, while 99 red balloons go past.

99 knights of air ride super -- high super high techstrahl fighters of everyone a Superhero. Everyone a captain Kirk. Also to mark the orders. Explain and classify themselves. Hunts in the summer sky. As 99 red balloons go past.

Eh. In The 80s gives a side-by-side comparison of the real lyrics.

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