Thursday, November 12, 2009

TV: Midseason Replacement Shows

Why are the midseason shows always better than the Fall shows?

  • "Briers' Remorse - genial English actor Richard Briers apologises for all the terrible, terrible things he's done through the years ("Spice World", this Polaroid commercial, killing a hobo).
  • "America's Next Top Hat" - young milliners compete to design a "Topper" that will make this headgear fashionable again.
  • "Camo Mile T" - contestants must catch Mr. T before he travels a mile-long course dressed in camouflage.
  • "Beck And Caul - arch-conservative Glenn Beck and ultra-liberal Simon Caul debate the issues of the day. (Need to find an ultra-liberal named Simon Caul first. Or Billy Caul. Or Cawl or McCaul.)
  • "Chippendale's Sketch Survivors" - Jan Hooks, Kevin Nealon and Mike Myers, as the last surviving cast members of the cursed comedy sketch, sit around waiting for the inevitable.
  • "Camo Meal T" - Mr. T tucks into a hearty three-course dinner dressed in camouflage.
  • "Jay @ 25" - NBC tries to save face by moving Leno's show to "25 o'clock", and explains that viewers need a special TV antenna and time-space continuum to watch it.

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