Sunday, February 22, 2009

Movies: Academy Awards 2009

Stray thoughts while watching the Oscars.

  • I loved the Tina Fey/Steve Martin bit, because I love anything that sticks it to Scientology. Scientologists are idiots!
  • Jeers to ABC for showing Brad & Angelina while Jennifer Aniston was doing her schtick.
  • Did the audience laugh when the Art Direction guy said David Fincher was a wonderful human being?
  • That "Duchess" costume guy seemed a bit of a jerk - "We had great music by Rachel Portman but that's not it."
  • The Ben Stiller bit had great potential but went nowhere.
  • Even Baz Luhrman looked embarrassed by that dumb musical clusterfudge.
  • Joel Grey is tiny! I'd like to see the "Man On Wire" guy balance him on his chin.
  • Danny Boyle = Morrissey
  • Oscar song mash-up!
  • Kate Winslet is a big old fake. She is demeaning Hollywood with her fakeness.
  • Did Sean Penn say we elected the Elephant Man president? Just when you have him pegged as a bleeding arse liberal, he goes and insults Barack Obama.
  • Why do we have to see clips from former winners to appreciate this year's nominees, Stephen bloody Spielberg? It's all this montage crap that causes the show to run so bloody long.

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