Saturday, February 07, 2009

TV: Game Show Ideas

  • "Family Freud" - two families must psycho-analyze each other.
  • "Deeley Or No Deeley" - contestants must decide whether the show's hostess is, in fact, Cat Deeley, or one of the hundred other English people currently presenting US game shows.
  • "Cash Hansom Cab" - the History Channel's first game show. Contestants are transported in a horse-drawn carriage while answering questions about the 19th century.
  • "Depardieuy" - quiz where contestants must deliver their answers in the form of a Gérard Depardieu impression.
  • "The Leakiest Wink" - Wink Martindale competes against other people named Wink to see who has the best bladder control.

And a separate set of suggestions for BBC Northern Ireland:

  • "Countydown"
  • "The Newry Wed Game"
  • "Win, Lose Or Dromore"

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