Sunday, February 25, 2007

Movies: Oscars 2007

Some hardy souls are live-blogging the Oscars. I was curious to read what they had to say about Leonardo DiCarprio's near-fellatio of Al Gore.

  • Entertainment Weekly. They note that during the Al & Leo bit:
    In the audience, Jerry Seinfeld seems ready to roll his eyes.

  • Those professional snarks at Defamer.
    Despite Leo DiCaprio's prompting, Al Gore does not announce his candidacy for the presidential race, explaining, "I'm f***ing terrifed of David Geffen calling me a fatty in the New York Times tomorrow."

  • The Onion Av Club's The Hater. I think this is sarcasm:
    Al Gore just made a funny, y'all!

  • The Onion's clueless Entertainment columnist, Jackie Harvey. Didn't mention Leo & Al, but had this great line:
    Melissa Etheridge could make the phone book interesting if you showed it on screen behind her while she was performing.

  • The Answer May Surprise You may be the puniest live-blog ever.
    While I was outside, I apparently missed a very funny exchange between Leo DiCaprio and Al Gore. Something about the environment or running for president or something. My mom tried to recap it for me, but I think she's high.

Nobody mentioned that Gore has Ted Kennedy's Disease aka "Fat Head".

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