Monday, February 05, 2007

Media: Michael Ware

I just saw CNN's Iraq reporter Michael Ware for the first time. What a creepy guy! Mis-shapen face, 5 o'clock shadow, crazy eyes, speaks in strangulated Strine.

Here he is clean-shaven and talking about his 2004 kidnapping. As a commenter says, "Finally!!!! A rare shot of Michael Ware's elusive left nostril!!!!"

What does the internet think "Michael Ware is"? " Australian journalist reporting for CNN", "...Super-Shrill", "...a courageous, honorable and truthful reporter", "no Sean Flynn no matter how many times he reads 'Dispatches'", "...a traitor to the US", "...the shizz", "...accused in more than 40 break-ins".

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