Saturday, February 24, 2007

Magazines: Punch

Project Guterberg has some old issues of Punch available for your perusal, including December 29th, 1920. It includes such rib-ticklers as this:
A woman informed a London magistrate last Tuesday that her husband thrashed her at Easter, Whitsuntide and on August Bank Holiday. Our thoughts were constantly with her during the recent Yuletide festivities.

It is stated that rabies does not exist in Ireland. Our opinion is that it wouldn't be noticed if it did.

"Leather is now much cheaper," we read. Yet we have noticed no drop in the price of restaurant steak.

A vast improvement on 1892:
A Gentleman, whose name is well known in scientific circles, vouches for the following fact. He was, he says, passing a poulterer's shop, when he actually saw a hare buy a rabbit!! He subsequently added, that much depended on the way of spelling "buy."

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