Friday, November 03, 2006

Religion: Ted Haggard

Is this the most gloatable scandal ever involving a senior church official? Newsweek has an interview with the male prostitute, and audio clips of Ted Haggard and the alleged voicemails he sent. There's also a video clip of Haggard railing against homosexuality.

Harpers has reposted an article from May 2005 on the Evangelical movement with a lot about Haggard. Interesting stuff on Colorado Springs, market economics in religion, and how Pastor Ted believes that an evil force called 'Control' makes telephone calls to him.

For those of you don't like reading, YouTube has an interview that evolutionist Richard Dawkins did with Haggard. What a weird mouth he has, how strange the way he purses his lips.

The "In The News" section of his official site makes no mention of his recent troubles.

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