Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Internet: Crazy People

I was Googling something else entirely and found this deposition (allegedly) in the case of William Tyree Jr. v the Central Intelligence Agency, George Bush and others. In one excerpt, the witness says:
My Uncle Pat told me not to listen to anything my father was discussing with me. He was disillusional and I needed to leave him to the state.

I love that word "disillusional". It shows up in a surprising number of Google search results, considering it's not a real word.

This page is part of this crazy person's web site.

Giant front page with no clear organisation of contents? Check.
Links to 9/11 and Chemtrail Conspiracy theories? Check. Flashing text and flashing images? Check.

So what's this guy's personal brand of kookiness? He rails against the "Bush-Millman-Clinton Crime Family". There's even a diagram. And who's Millman? This guy's ex-father-in-law, from what I can make out. It's all too pathetic.

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