Saturday, November 11, 2006

Movies: Promotional Anecdotes

We all know the movie promotion drill by now: film-maker prepares entertaining anecdotes about the production that will whet our appetite, trots them out on the late night circuit. If it's a horror movie, the stories revolve around mysterious happenings on the set. If it's a romantic comedy, the co-star makes coy references to the chemistry between the lead actors.

Now Entertainment Weekly's Holiday Movie Preview has produced the lamest movie promotion anecdote in recorded history. Hack writer-director Nancy Meyers is promoting "The Holiday", starring Cameron Diaz and Jack Black.

"Near the end of the movie, there's this party where Jack's dancing in a suit and he was getting really hot," says Meyers. "I had a powerful air conditioner moved over.... He just pulled up a chair and sat right in front of it."

Wow! A fat guy sat in front of an air conditioner to keep cool! Now this is a movie I gotta see! (At least there's a photo of Cameron Diaz in a bathtub.)

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