Monday, August 14, 2006

Music: Mush-Mouthed Singers

Who are the mushiest-mouthed singers of all time? I heard John Hiatt singing "Drive South" last night, and it sounded like he was gargling potato salad.

Darius Rucker aka Hootie, of course.

Tindersticks singer Stuart Staples is described on Wikipedia as having a "smoky baritone", but sometimes that smoke becomes sludge (in a good way).

Google has 77 results for mushmouth "Thom Yorke". 783 results for mushmouth "Bruce Springsteen". 1,380 results for mushmouth "Bob Dylan".

Jazz singer Mary Stallings says she learned from Dinah Washington: "you don't need to sing mush-mouthed to have soul".

And, while not musical, let's pay tribute to Bill Thompson, who provided the voice of Droopy. He did not do the voice of Droopy knockoff, Inspector Willoughby.

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Shell said...

More Mushmouths
Michael McDonald
Anita Baker
early Micheal Stipe