Friday, August 25, 2006

Health: Gout

Jared Leto has Gout. He joins other famous sufferers, like Isaac Newton, Benjamin Disraeli, Nostrodamus, and Charles V or I. Serves him right for how he treated Angela Chase.

Gout always reminds me of Ronnie Corbett's joke about the soldier in a train compartment with a vicar. The soldier looks up from his newspaper and says, "Excuse me, Padre, but what's 'gout'?" The vicar primly replies, "Gout is a disease which afflicts those who abuse wine and spirits, who feed their gluttonous appetites, and who engage in decadent debauchery, commiting sins of the flesh. Why do you ask, my son?" The soldier points at his newspaper. "It says here the Archbishop of Canterbury's got it."

Bonus: The Two Ronnies' "Mastermind" sketch (which also mentions the Archbishop of Canterbury).

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