Saturday, November 12, 2005

Music: Most Disappointing Albums

Great list of "100 MOST DISAPPOINTING ALBUMS" at Productshop NYC. I definitely agree with:
97. Suede – Dog Man Star
81. Paul Weller – Stanley Road (despite recent 10th anniversary celebrations)
64. U2 – Pop
61. Pixies – Bossonova
50. Air - 10,000 Hz
41. Blur – The Great Escape
18. Belle & Sebastian - Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant
2. Stone Roses – Second Coming (and I agree that it has improved with age)

Disagree with:
86. Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music (how can you be "disappointed" with a double album of noise?)
54. Pink Floyd - The Wall
36. Ryan Adams – Rock N Roll (great pastiches of 1980s music)

And I would have replaced De La Soul's "Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump" with "De La Soul Is Dead". And here are my suggestions:

  • The Waterboys - "Room To Roam" (what a let down after the mighty "Fisherman's Blues")
  • D'Angelo - "Brown Sugar" (the title track was great - the rest of the album was too smooth)
  • Prince - just about everything after "Sign O' The Times"

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Pat said...

Eric suggests:

1) The Cars - "Panorama". After "The Cars" (which could pass for "The Cars Greatest Hits") and "Candy-O" (which I love), I bought "Panorama" on spec, and was sorely disappointed.

2) Boston - "3rd Stage". Not a terrible album, but the first two were so great, and the wait was so long, that it was quite anti-climactic.