Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Music: B-Sides

Stylus has a "Non-Definitive Guide To The B-Side". They omit the greatest B-side of all time (I don't think it meets their criteria), "The Sweetest Thing" by U2. Second greatest is "Lover" by Roxy Music (B-side of "Same Old Scene").

Here's an Australian list (that does include "The Sweetest Thing").


Shell said...

Here's a B-side that was not only better than the A-side, it outsold it. Don't laugh, don't put it down - it was actually good, wildly popular, but has suffered from its singer's present-day status as a laughing stock from Carrollton.
"Ice Ice Baby" was the original B-side to Vanilla Ice's "Play That Funky Music."

Pat said...

How could a B-side outsell its A-side? Did people ask the record stores to slice the single in half?

Shell said...

It did so by switching places with the A-side. The A-side got very minimal airplay. A DJ somwhere in Georgia flipped it over and played it, thought it was better than the A-side, put it on the air a few times, and it spread from there like wildfire.