Friday, November 11, 2005

Internet: Pat Wants

(As seen around the Internet, with the words "needs" instead of "wants.) Google "-your name- wants" and list the top 10 results. What does Pat want?

  1. Pat wants to blow it up, real good.
  2. Pat wants Jared dead.
  3. Pat wants to meet Chris and greet him.
  4. Pat wants to transfer her policy to a charitable remainder trust.
  5. Pat wants to phone at the mall.
  6. Pat wants US jobs to stay in the US.
  7. Pat wants to fix fog_coord to apply the decision as to where the fog coord comes from at a per-vertex level - e.g. move the mux up to the RasterPos level.
  8. Pat wants his wife back to take care of the children and run the house.
  9. Pat wants to be perceived as playing off fear.
  10. Pat wants to send out a press release automatically.

So that's how Thom Yorke writes his lyrics!

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