Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Office Pools: The Next Pope

When entering the list of Papal contenders over at Enterpool, I was surprised to see that Cardinal Sin of the Philippines is still alive. I remember a schoolteacher in Ireland making a joke about his name in the 1970s - must have been right after he was Cardinalised. He had an apparent heart attack late last year, so I wouldn't rate his chances.

My favourite name is Polycarp Pengo of Tanzania. (Polycarp was a saint of the early church.)

Runner-up is Telesphore Toppo of India.

Hmmm, - that might be helpful if you're entering a Papal Pool. (Yes, indeedy, I was going to take a flyer on Cardinal Carrera of Mexico City but his comparison of the US media covering sex scandals to the Nazis won't help his cause.)

Eric wants to know how these Cardinals have time to vote for the next Pope AND play baseball in St. Louis and football in Arizona. Oh, Eric.

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