Friday, April 01, 2005

Aviation: Irish Air Corps

There was a piece on Irish radio the other day about the Irish Air Corps during World War II (or "The Emergency" as we called it). One of the interviewees was my Dad, Denis. Go to Thursday's show and fast-forward to the 6-minute mark. The focus of the piece was a pilot called Alan Thornton, who tried to steal a plane and join the Luftwaffe (mainly for Nationalist/anti-British reasons). He was court-martialed and served a few months in prison. Upon release, he joined the RAF and flew with them for the remainder of the War! Maybe he just wanted to see some action.

On Friday's show, they got Alan on the phone and he gave his side of the story. (Warning: you have to suffer through the determinedly unprofessional manner and mannerisms of host Marian Finucane.)

Here's a photo of the plane he stole.

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