Monday, June 11, 2007

Lyrics Quiz: Bad

Can you name these "bad" songs?

  1. I make a rich woman beg, I'll make a good woman steal. I'll make an old woman blush, and make a young woman squeal.
  2. You ever love someone so much you thought your little heart was gonna break in two? (I didn't think so.)
  3. Well they say the sky's the limit. And to me that's really true. But my friend you have seen nothin'. Just wait 'til I get through.
  4. All those downtown ladies call him "Treetop Lover". All the men just call him "sir".
  5. If I could throw this lifeless lifeline to the wind. Leave this heart of clay. See you walk, walk away.
  6. I ain't got a fever, got a permanent disease. It'll take more than a doctor to prescribe a remedy.
  7. Friday night and the strip is hot. Sun's gone down and they're about to trot. Spirits high and they look hot. Do you wanna get down?
  8. Easin' down the highway in a new Cadillac. I had a fine fox in front, I had three more in the back.
  9. Hope you got your things together. Hope you are quite prepared to die.
  10. I know you're looking for a ruby in a mountain of rocks. But there ain't no Coupe De Ville hiding at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box.

By the way, when will movie studios stop using #1 in movie trailers? It's currently being used to advertise the DVD of "Ghost Rider".

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