Sunday, April 30, 2006

Music Videos: YouTube

YouTube has a wealth of Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry videos. Some highlights:

  • Ferry's cover of "Let's Stick Together", with then-girlfriend Jerry Hall playing the vamp - before she dumped him for Mick Jagger.
  • And from 1978, from his post-breakup album, "The Bride Stripped Bare", his cover of the Velvet's "What Goes On". He always looks like he's passing a kidney stone when he sings, but his features are even more contorted with disgust as he sings, "Here we go again/I thought that you were my friend".
  • My favourite video from the 1980s, "Slave To Love".
  • Sexy video for Roxy Music's "The Main Thing" - apart from the teeth-brushing at the end. That woman has very poor technique.
  • Ferry solo again with "This Is Tomorrow" - poor sound quality but interesting for Bryan's shades (matching the "In Your Mind" album cover) and Chris Spedding on guitar.
  • Roxy Music performing "Out Of The Blue", c. 1974 with Bryan sporting the airline pilot look, and Eddie Jobson on perspex violin. Best violin solo in rock?
  • And "Out Of The Blue" from their 2002 reunion, with a cute blonde violinist (but with a boring old wooden violin).

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