Friday, February 17, 2006

Music: Johnny Bush

Happy Birthday to "the great Johnny Bush" (that's how he refers to himself on a station ID for The Range). He was known as "The Country Caruso" until afflicted by Spasmodic Dysphonia (the same disorder that made Diane Rehm so hard to listen to). Fortunately, vocal treatments have enabled Johnny to start singing again.

Among the songs played on The Range this morning was "Toy Telephone" from 1974. Another one of those "so maudlin it's funny" songs that I love. Sadly, I can't find the track or lyrics online, so you'll have to call your local country music station. A father who is missing his daughter duets with a toy telephone that says things like, "Let's get together!" and "I love you!" (Telephone voice by Stella Parton, little sister of Dolly.)

Bonus: Johnny talks about a heartwarming tribute at a Pat Green concert.

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