Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lyrics Quiz: Machines

In honor of the new "Terminator" film, a lyrics quiz about Machines. Songs 10-12 have "Machine" in the title.

  1. "Oh, can't you see me standing here? I've got my back against the record machine. I ain't the worst that you've seen."
  2. "He likes to keep his fire engine clean, it’s a clean machine."
  3. "I saw him dancing there by the record machine. I knew he must have been about seventeen."
  4. "The Telex machine is kept so clean, and it types to a waiting world."
  5. "She was a fast machine. She kept her motor clean."
  6. "Here comes Johnny Yen again, with the liquor and drugs and the flesh machine."
  7. "Sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground."
  8. "The Rangers had a homecoming in Harlem late last night. And the Magic Rat drove his sleek machine over the Jersey state line."
  9. "We got a thousand points of light for the homeless man. We got a kinder, gentler, machine gun hand."
  10. "Get up (get on up). Get up (get on up). Stay on the scene (get on up)."
  11. "You've been in the pipeline, filling in time, provided with toys and Scouting For Boys."
  12. "I - I just took a ride in a ------ -------. And I'm still feeling mean."

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