Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Album Covers: Children 2

Robb says I blew it by leaving out "Ceremony" by The Cult. "The band was sued for US$61,000,000 by the parents of the American Indian boy, named Eternity Dubray, pictured on the album cover."

A poet named Robert references the child in his poem "Freedom":

Eternity Dubray ceremony child
Did you get the green leaves? Did the (sic) last your parents and family a while?

The poem ends: "Rock music is sexy…"

I don't know if he got the green leaves (the $60 mil?), but apparently he graduated last year with a "One Year Certificate in Entrepreneurs". (The first name on the list is "Afraid of Lighting, Trivia D." - what an awesome name.)

And he contributes to the Dems.

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