Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lyrics Quiz: Oh!

Suggested by Eric based on a previous post, can you fill in the missing names? Bonus points for the artist.

  1. Oh, _______. Oh don't you cry for me. For I come from Alabama with my banjo on my knee.
  2. Oh oh ______. Let me love you 'til the morning comes. Oh oh ______. You know I want to be the only one.
  3. Oh ______, our love holds on, holds on.
  4. Oh ______, don't lead the life that they made for you. I'll be gone a long while and you'll know. And don't feel sorry for lover boy.
  5. Ah! ______! Here we go again! Ah! ______! Is it ever gonna end? Ah! ______! Here we go again! Ah! ______! We ain't learned our lesson yet!
  6. Oh ______, I am but a fool. Darling I love you though you treat me cruel. You hurt me and you made me cry. But if you leave me I will surely die.
  7. Oh ______, why did you do it? You should've called me on the telephone.
  8. Oh ______, how could you treat me this way? Hey, hey. How could you treat me this way?
  9. Oh ______, I think I'm in trouble here. I should have believed you when I heard you saying it. The only time that love is an easy game is when two other people are playing it.

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