Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Religion: Gene and Melissa Scott

Dr. Gene Scott was our crankiest televangelist. "Was", because he died in 2005, but his shows still run on TV. Lately, I've seen broadcasts with his third wife, Melissa Scott, who has taken over his official site. These new broadcasts are a lot tamer than those described in this Rotten.com profile. Here's a classic tirade. And a song and a joke.

As for Melissa, there's something about a woman in a clerical collar parsing scripture in Hebrew and Greek that does it for me. Although her singing sounds flat (watch three songs). Her maiden name was Melissa Pastore - there's a vocation-appropriate name. Allegedly, she was also an adult model under the name "Barbie Bridges". Here's a "Daily Show" clip that shows Melissa as a dancing "Playmate" with Dr. Gene.

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